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Closed Water Systems

Pre-commission cleaning and analysis of closed water systems

When do I need pre-commission cleaning and analysis of my closed water system?
  • In any new installations prior to commissioning
  • Where major extensions or alterations have been carried out to the water system
  • Water analysis gives a good indication of system health and,
  • is used to evaluate current maintenance regimes to ensure high levels of system health and efficiency
What is involved in a pre-commission clean?
  • A high velocity flush to remove larger debris still present from the system construction
  • Chemically clean the system by circulating the appropriate cleaning chemical to remove further deposits, contaminants and debris
  • Following this with a high velocity dynamic flush to ensure the chemical and remaining debris are removed
  • The system is then drained and re-filled with clean water, and dosed with corrosion inhibitor and biocide
  • Samples are taken at each stage of the clean to check progress and effectiveness
What is involved in closed system water analysis?
  • The system is sampled and analysis is carried out on-site and at UKAS accredited laboratories
  • A full report will then be issued with recommendations for remedial action and/or revisions to the current maintenance regime
Why choose AQUA-Safe as your sub-contractor?
  • Our closed system services are designed in strict accordance with BSRIA to achieve their BG29/2011 standards
  • All services are carried out by our highly trained and experienced engineers
  • Water analysis is carried out to UKAS standard methods and by UKAS accredited laboratories
  • All reports are fully comprehensive and clear
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